Food Science Happenings: LSU

By: Emily Wolter

Super Science Saturday! – Does that make you excited? Maybe you’ve been in the lab all week and filling your Saturday with science isn’t the first thing on your mind…but for the food science students at LSU, they took National Chemistry Week (October 21-27) all the way to the weekend! During this science-filled Saturday, the club reached more than 1,000 kids in the area. They represented food science in a tasty way with a sensory test on Oreo cookies and also demonstrated how emulsions work.


The club is already gearing up for the end of the semester with a number of activities:

1. Professional Development Meeting: A representative of the USDA will come share their work and potential job opportunities with the club.

2. Club Trip: Educational trip to the USDA Research Center in New Orleans.

3. Thanksmas Dinner: A time for fellowship and scholarship awards. Also, the club members will turn in recipes they developed (along with samples!) for a volunteer opportunity the club is involved in, “Kids in the Kitchen”.


If you were going to show kids how cool food science is, what is one experiment that you would choose to conduct? I love the idea of a sensory test on cookies! I might also make “Dippin’ Dots” with ice cream mix and liquid Nitrogen. Who isn’t intrigued by the evaporation of liquid Nitrogen?

Science Meets Food

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