Meet the Authors

Maddie Shults| Linkedin

IFTSA VP of Digital and Social Media (2023-2024)

Maddie is currently a junior in Food Science & Technology at Texas A&M University, serves as the VP of Digital and Social Media for IFTSA and President of Texas A&M Food Science Club.


Yutong Li | Linkedin

SMF Blog Manager (2023-2024)

Yutong Li earned a BS in food science and technology from the Ohio State University. She is now a doctoral candidate in food science at the Ohio State University, with an emphasis on food microbiology including gut microbiota, probiotics and antibiotic resistance. She is the 2022 recipient of the IFT Feeding Tomorrow Dr. Elwood F. Caldwell Graduate Fellowship. She loves reading classic novels, hand-making pearl jewelries and baking. She makes great Tiramisu, cheesecakes and mille crepe cakes!



Arham Jain | Linkedin

SMF Blog Writer

Arham Jain is an up and coming student from India passionate in food science, cooking and everything food related. He is always excited to learn about the new innovations in the food science and culinary world. His hobbies include reading, gardening and content writing.



Asyrul Izhar bin Abu Bakar | Linkedin

SMF Blog Writer

Asyrul was born in Malaysia. Asyrul obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Food Studies at University Putra Malaysia. During his undergraduate studies, he graduated with First Class of Honors and was offered a fast-track program to continue his PhD in University Putra Malaysia. His research focuses on meat and poultry processing and development of fat replacers to enhance the properties of food. Asyrul is a very enthusiastic food scientist and really loved the fact that science was involved in every single food that we ate today. He also now has 7 journal publications with 2 of them were from Q1 journals. On top of that, he is also known as a FOOD HUNTIST (Food Hunter + Food Scientist) as he really loves food hunting!

Sudarshan Ramanathan| Linkedin

SMF Blog Writer

Sudarshan Ramanathan has completed his bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology from the Department of Food science and Technology, Arul Anandar College (Autonomous), Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. During his bachelor’s, he received an award titled “Fr. Leo Correya Award – For Most Outstanding UG Student 2022”. Currently he is pursuing his Master’s degree in Food Science and Technology from the Division of Food Processing Technology, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Tamil Nadu, India. He is working on his master’s research work under the guidance of Dr. Sumit Sudhir Pathak in post-harvest technology for unexposed fruit waste products.He has also published a book in a self-publishing company. Along with that, he has published some articles in journals, popular articles in magazines and also written book chapters for Scopus indexed books. He won several ideathons and quiz competitions so far and also has presented his works in a few state, national and international conferences.


  1. Hi SMF,

    Are guest posts allowed?

    I would like to contribute few if you are interested.


  2. Renuka

    i am a house wife i want to become a food scientist i love food. please guide me how i can?

  3. Ridhima

    I just wanted to give you guys a huge shout out. As a freshman studying Culinary Science at Drexel University, it makes me so inspired to see people who share my passion write such interesting articles. You guys rock, keep up the great work :).