Sweet Potatoes for a Cause!

By: Emily Wolter

Erika Hanson, the PR representative of the University of Delaware’s Food Science Club, wrote in about one of the annual events their club does to serve the community. I was enticed by the great way in which they combine the fruits of food science with their desire to serve the community.

Each year  as Thanksgiving approaches, the club prepares for their annual preparation of  sweet potato pies, using sweet potatoes grown from their very own community gardens on campus. Usually the club only participates in the baking process, but this year they had the great opportunity to help pick the sweet potatoes, as well. The picture seen above features a graduate student,  Wenqing (left), and an undergraduate student/the club treasurer, Rachel (right).

Erika pointed out that getting out in the field and getting her hands dirty was actually a lot of fun and much harder then one might think. In the coming week, the students will purchase the remaining ingredients and bake the sweet potatoes into pies at the Food Bank to hand out to families in need. In years past, there has been a big dinner for the families, but the Food Bank is feeling a bit of a budget shortage this year, so the pies will be handed out for the families to enjoy on their own.

I hope the University of Delaware has inspired you to get your club active in the community, especially during the holiday season and as the weather starts to get colder. Does your club have plans for any community service events? How are you incorporating food science into these events?

Science Meets Food

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