World Without Food Science

By: Emily Del Bel

Have you ever had trouble explaining your major to your family and friends? I think that it was about a year into my program before my family stopped asking what kind of food I’d learned to cook recently. “Oh, so like, nutrition, right?” is another common response that I get when I say that I’m studying food science. Even four years later, I sometimes still struggle to describe this broad field concisely to someone I just met.

A few weeks ago, at the Annual Meeting and Food Expo, IFT launched a campaign to educate the public about food science. The campaign, “World Without Food Science” was introduced with a video that showed how empty and barren a grocery store would be without the contributions that food science has made that the average consumer takes for granted. These include keeping food fresh, safe, plentiful, and affordable.

You can view the video at World Without Food Science. Other information to learn about food science can be found there as well.

What do you think of the campaign? Will it help you explain food science? 

Science Meets Food

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