A Seriously Techie Grilling Upgrade

By: Bethany Richardson

Do you love to grill, but hate missing kick-off while you’re outside babysitting the ribs?

Well if you have about $80, there’s an app for that.

iDevices presents the iGrill, an app and grilling/cooking thermometer (http://www.igrillinc.com/).  The device has a probe that monitors the cooking time and temperature of the piece of me and sends this information by BlueTooth to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod while you are up to 200 feet away.  A variety of different temperature probe options are available as well.  Mark Zuckerburg, the creator of Facebook, is even a fan; he now has created a way to integrate your iGrill app with Facebook, so that you can share your grilling glory with all your friends.  While this technology might be overkill for some, (considering it costs nearly as much as my grill itself) it might just make a nice gift for the serious griller in your life.

Is this new device going on your next wish list?

Science Meets Food

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1 Comment

  1. Cool app, the price is kind of steep for me! I know people who would probably buy one though…