“A Chat with…Sanjay Gummalla, Food Laws and Regulations Division, Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Division”

sanjay1Name: Sanjay Gummalla, PhD


Job title: Vice President, Regulatory and Technical Affairs


Company: American Frozen Food Institute


IFT Division(s) to which you belong: Food Laws and Regulations Division, Refrigerated and Frozen Foods Division


How did you go about finding your current job?

I found it by reaching out to specific food advocacy and public policy groups for openings.


What is your favorite perk and worst pitfall of your current job?

My favorite perk is the exposure to the entire gamut of food industry issues, and being at the crossroads of Industry, Government, and Academia on key food and nutrition policies.

A pitfall? I have to be thoughtful about what I say in public about food industry issues and policy, as it can be misconstrued.


sanjay2What is your “Dream Job”? My dream job would be working on innovation to address international food and nutrition needs.


What is a change you would like to see in your industry?

I’d like to see food scientists write and converse publicly, and in private interactions to educate consumers on food science and food processing, so that the facts are not misrepresented those who do not have a scientific background.


How did you make your first dollar?  Selling pizza at a football game


Why did you join an IFT Division?  I wanted to give back to the broader industry in an area where I currently specialize. Click HERE to learn about all 24 of IFT’s focus-specific Divisions!sanjay3


What is the best career advice you have gotten? Be hungry to learn!


Last but not least, what is your favorite food? Cheese.


Connect with Sanjay in IFT’s online community or send him an email at sgummalla@affi.org.

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