Creativity Wins Big!

By: Emily Wolter

Product development is a facet of food science that ties together a wide variety of areas within the field. You need to display creativity, have an understanding of what the consumer wants, make use of ingredients that fit with the company’s image while keeping costs as low as possible, consider the most appropriate packaging, determine how to keep the product safe until it enters the mouths of consumers, ensure production is feasible on a commercial scale…oh, and make it taste not only good, but better than competitors. It’s not easy and employers know that. That is precisely why you should get a head start on what may become your career one day by participating in the IFTSA product development competitions. Not only are there cash prizes and bragging rights, but you can also “win big” in the eyes of your future employers. Preliminary proposal deadlines are fast approaching, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!





Developing Solutions for Developing Countries

Diane Schmitt

January 15

Disney – IFTSA Product Development Competition

Kavita Solanki

February 15

Heart Healthy Product Development Competition

Adriana Soto

December 5

IFTSA & Mars Product Development Competition

Ariel Buehler

February 1


If you have participated in IFTSA competitions before, tell us about an interesting experience you have encountered in the comments below.

I still remember when I was formulating FruiTeeze with my good friend for the Heart Healthy Competition and we were interviewed by a student in a journalism class that creates a university publication, The Agriculturist. The student came over to our house and took pictures of us and our prototype to be featured in the publication and it was such a great opportunity to share food science with someone who had never been exposed to it before. Can’t help but smile when you get those opportunities! 


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  1. These competitions look very interesting. I do all my classes online at KSU. Do they allow us “distance” students to enter? Or do you have to enter as teams?

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