Dress to Impress

By: Emily Wolter

As you begin to approach graduation, you’ll find yourself in a plethora of interviews. It can be a stressful time, but I recently read an article that may help you with one piece of the puzzle: What to wear?

You always hear about how important first impressions are…apparently, you have 6 seconds to make one. What kind of first impression will you give to your potential future employer?

Tips and Tricks to Dress for Success:

  • Dress one-step above what you would wear day-to-day for the position you are applying for.
  • Poor graduate students can still look the part thanks to thrift stores, consignment shops, and yard sales. 🙂
  • Dark colors appear more professional.
  • Don’t wear perfume. Smell is the most keen sense and you wouldn’t want the interviewer to be distracted by the like or dislike of your perfume. Have them focus on YOU.
  • Try on the outfit you plan to wear the night before: check for loose buttons, appropriate fit, etc.

Ladies, there are a lot more tips just for you if you click here. (i.e. heel height, hair, nails, make-up…)

Of course, regardless of your attire, you need to know your stuff and be compatible with the company. However, when you’re not having to tug at your clothes throughout the interview, it’s one less thing on your mind, so you can focus on the real reason you are there!


What do you typically wear to an interview? 


Photo credit: http://www.collegegrad.com/intv

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