Food Science in the News 12/05/12

By: Emily Wolter

If you are an “Official Food Geek” like the rest of us, you probably enjoy scouring the internet for interesting food facts and current news releases within the food industry. I’ve decided to do a little summary of what I have come across this week.

As a food scientist, I bet you get really random questions from your friends and family related to all things food – some of which you can answer and some of which you can’t. What about pear varieties? Are you knowledgeable on that subject? If not, Food52 is here to refresh your memory. 

I don’t know about you, but for me a PB&J sandwich brings back memories of the good ole’ days. However, the good ole’ days of peanut butter go way back..beyond my years as an elementary school kid. Read all about the history of peanut butter here

In the world of fast food news, McDonalds in France is putting their burgers on bagels. What a great way to mix things up…why haven’t they introduced the bagel burgers over here? 

Since we are in the midst of the holidays, take some time to become the resident expert of food safety in your family and make sure your delicious holiday spread remains safe!

Due to my strong interest in R&D in the food industry, I love to stay up to date on all of the new products hitting the shelves. The Impulsive Buy helps me to do so by publishing a “Spotted on Shelves” post every so often. Check out their latest finds.

Share with us in the comments an interesting find that you stumbled upon this week related to food science!

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  1. You can put anything on a bagel and make it amazing. I wish Mcdonalds would do that here!

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