Food Science in the News 12/14/12

By: Emily Wolter

Food and science appear in the news more often than we realize. Check out the array of interesting articles that we stumbled upon this week!

As a graduate student, I know it is very important to cite my sources and give credit where credit is due. In a similar way, the creativity displayed by chefs isn’t always their original work. Should they be giving credit too?

New research shows sugar doesn’t “melt”, per say. In fact, the simple act of caramelization may not be so simple after all! 

The demand for gluten-free foods has been steadily increasing over the past few years. However, gluten-free food doesn’t always have the best connotation…but researchers are working to change that. New and tastier gluten-free products may be hitting the shelves soon! 

Natural colors are all the rage, yet present food scientists with an array of technical challenges. Do you agree with this article that there is “no turning back” from the natural color trend? 

Lastly,  being the holidays … and almost the weekend, I think it’s time to get in the kitchen. Scroll through these 50 cookie recipes and treat someone (and yourself!) to some sugary treats!

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Science Meets Food

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