Food Science Social Idea: Themed Potlucks

By: Bethany Richardson

Last week Emily wrote on how to re-energize your food science club, so I’d like to suggest one activity that has helped bring together my food science peers and I during both undergrad and graduate school: themed potlucks.

While regular meetings and professional activities are extremely important, I also believe getting to know one’s peers in a social setting is vital as well.  More often than not, your classmates will not only be your friends, but a potential professional network once you graduate and begin your career.   Potlucks are a great way to get to know one another in an informal setting, and themes simply make them more fun.  They also help to spread out the cost (we are poor students after all) and perhaps even explore different cuisines.

With the multitude of themes out there, I’d just like to give you a few examples of what worked for the food science clubs I was part of.  One of my favorites was in Clemson, where football season is serious business; we threw an orange and purple-themed potluck at our apartment to celebrate the first game, coordinating our food and and outfits with our school’s colors.

Other successful potlucks have included a classy black & white party, dips only for the Superbowl, Christmas cookie exchange, and an international food potluck. Emily said they have done fusion cuisine potlucks at NC State; Think something along the lines of Mexiterranean and challenge your guests to create a dish that fuses Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines. Or how about a “Show Me What Your Mama Told Ya” potluck and have guests bring a cherished family recipe.

I hope this article will help to spark ideas of how to gather your food science clubs for social events, especially as an ice breaker as the beginning of the new school year approaches.


Do you have any potluck ideas to keep the creative juices flowing? If not, what is your favorite food science club social gathering that you have participated in?


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  1. I love the idea of themed potlucks, and the fusion idea is fantastic! Mexiterranean… a 7-layer dip with Greek style ingredients comes to mind, served with pita chips!