Fruit-infused Chocolate

By: Felicia Loo

Do you suffer from the guilt of indulgent full-fat chocolate? Not for long! Researchers at the University of Warwick have found a way to substitute up to 50% of the chocolate’s fat content with fruit juice – that is a 50% reduction in caloric value. The bonus is when you reduce the chocolate, you are replacing it with fruit juice, which is full of nutrients and provides a natural sweetness. Twice the happiness! It’s the perfect option for those of you who do not consume sufficient fruit to fulfill your daily requirement. According to the researchers, the chocolate would stilll retain its mouth feel, which is a shining example of food science at work. However, more research and development needs to be performed before the fruit-infused chocolate goes to the market.

I am excited to try this product already! Are you?

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Science Meets Food

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