Meat-substitutes, finding a foothold in the market

By Shivangi Kelkar

Did you know that over 100 new meat substitute products were introduced to the US market in the last two years? The meat substitute industry has grown tremendously over the last few years and there are over 20 companies manufacturing meat substitutes in the country. The improved texture and taste of veggie and other fake meat products is beginning to appeal to a number of consumers.

Meat substitutes, also known as meat analogues, imitate the aesthetic qualities of meat such as texture, color, flavor, appearance, and chemical characteristics. Meat analogues are typically soy, wheat, or rice based with added fillers, binders, and flavorings.

The meat companies haven’t responded to this growing trend. However, taking note of this development, one writer from says, “I’m still waiting for some brave meat company to enter the meat analog arena. Although, I have yet to find such a product produced by a meat or poultry processor, innovative meat analog products keep entering the marketplace and are something to take note of.”

Have you tried any meat-substitutes in your meals? Tell us about your experiences and thoughts on the future of the market in the comments below!

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