IFTSA Mid-Year-Meeting

By: Emily Wolter

This past week, I rushed to the airport at 5:00 am and got to my gate with 5 minutes to spare. In turn, I had just enough time to fuel up on caffeine! Where was I headed? Reston, VA for the IFTSA Board of Director’s Mid Year Meeting.

Being my second year on the board, I knew how incredibly productive this one and a half day meeting would be and looked forward to meeting up with all of my colleagues that I have not seen in many months.

We convened the meeting on Friday, November 9th at 3:00 pm and started with introductions and an overview of our goals as an organization moving forward. We then moved on for a 2-hour leadership training session, which helped us to understand how best to approach problems/situations as a leader and have productive discussions that move the organization forward.

The following day, we gathered at 8:00 am and used our skills learned on the previous day to have a productive discussion about competitions and how to make them even better! Stay tuned to see how all of that plays out!

We then moved into the business portion of the meeting and everyone gave a report on what they have been up to this past year. Discussions included but were not limited to: Science Meets Food!, chapter engagement, the careers in food science initiative, philanthropic opportunities, international chapter opportunities, and how to improve Area Meetings.

Without a doubt, I know that all boards members left enlightened and with a direction on how to move forward. Look for some exciting changes and updates in the coming months!

If you had been sitting in on this board meeting, what would you have brought up as an issue, problem, success, or opportunity within IFTSA that you would like to see addressed?



Science Meets Food

The IFT Student Association (IFTSA) is a forward-looking, student-governed community of IFT members. Through competitions, scholarships, networking, and leadership opportunities, you’ll set yourself apart from your classmates (unless they’re members too).


  1. Alex Lyssy

    Super productive meeting!!! I had a blast getting to know everyone a little better and discussing the future of this organization 🙂

  2. What a fantastic meeting. Our student leadership is doing an outstanding job, and I enjoyed the strategic discussions!