Kids Starring in the Kitchen

By: Emily Wolter

I was relaxing last night watching TV and winding down after a nice weekend. Typically, I watch The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network on Sunday nights. However, I nestled into the comfy couch a bit early and turned on the TV to find kids in the kitchen cooking their little hearts out. As it turns out, I was watching Rachael vs. Guy Kid’s Cook-Off and I was utterly intrigued. These kids couldn’t have been more than 9 or 10 and they were getting surprise ingredients and challenges that really put them to work in the kitchen. And they delivered. Sure they made mistakes; burned a crepe here or there, but what an amazing experience and an inspiration for all of the budding foodies.

I love all of the competitive shows on the Food Network (Chopped, Cut-throat Kitchen, Cupcake Wars, etc.), but to see Food Network expand their reach and include kiddos in the kitchen was such a nice change too. Usually the competitors are smack-talking each other, but these kids were so cordial to one another. I think this could really be a great thing for the future of food science. Kids watch so much TV these days and it’s great to have a show that is fun to watch and full of competition, while reminding kids of just how much fun it can be to cook and to do so in a healthy manner. I hope it can inspire kids to get creative in the kitchen themselves!

I am just crossing my fingers that the competition doesn’t get too fierce…I don’t want to see any tears.

Who else loves cooking competitions on TV?  Will you be tuning in to see these future IFTSA members showcase their skills?

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Science Meets Food

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