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By: Emily Wolter

IFT has 25 different divisions that are comprised of individuals within the industry with a common interest in a specific area of food science. The divisions are not just for industry professionals, though; they love to include students, as well.

The divisions cover a wide range of areas, such as Carbohydrates, Nutrition, Product Development, Food Microbiology, and many more.

The IFTSA board has been searching for ways to enlighten students on the multitude of opportunities for careers in food science and what would be a better way than to do so through the IFT divisions, which include some of the most well-rounded and knowledgeable individuals in their field.

However, we want YOUR help to decide what would be the best avenue to provide you with information on careers in food science. There is a lot of pertinent information out there…

Take the poll on the right sidebar to help us provide you with the information on Careers in Food Science, in the format you prefer, in the near future! 🙂

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Science Meets Food

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  1. Dave

    This response may be a bit past this article’s sell-by date, but anyhoo…

    One disadvantage to educating students through the IFT divisions, is that unless something has changed recently, some people seeking further education in food science or applying to food science programs, *unless they are members of existing undergraduate programs at the time* will not be able to access any of that information. I know I was not able to do so because I did not have an existing institutional affiliation at the time I applied to grad school programs to qualify for access as a student. I’m sure it keeps the numbers down.