What’s Your Story?

By: Emily Wolter

One of my absolute favorite questions to ask someone after they tell me that they are studying food science is, “How did you stumble upon food science?”. It’s an immediate ice breaker and almost always an interesting story. Therefore, we created a post category entitled, “Discovering Food Science”. I hope these articles will be inspiring, entertaining, and encouraging, while sparking memories of your own journey.  So what’s my story?

I actually had the pleasure of tripping over food science in high school and it’s now my mission to raise awareness of food science, so others can discover it at such a young age too. During my senior year of high school, I began writing food reviews for an online website and the editor happened to have a Ph.D. in Food Science. Our passions for food and science collided, and she lit a spark in me that’s been burning ever since.

Your turn – What is your story? Did you just randomly open your course catalog and become intrigued by the classes like Emily Del Bel? Perhaps you heard about food science through an event that a food science club in your area was hosting?

Share your story in the comments!

Science Meets Food

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  1. I had dropped out of school after realizing that mechanical engineering was not for me. I moved back to Ohio and starting looking at the course offerings at Ohio State. I saw something called food science and was immediately interested. I had always been good at science and had considered going into culinary. I talked to an advisor and it was like something just clicked. 4 years later I have no regrets.