The Amazing Race Finale: Sweet Scientists Race to Sweet Victory

By Matt Teegarden

If you did not catch CBS’s The Amazing Race last Friday or have been avoiding social media for the last five days, then let me fill you in: THE SWEET SCIENTISTS WON THE AMAZING RACE! THEY WON! After being saved from elimination in the previous leg (much to the dismay of the other three teams), our favorite duo wore their game faces as they completed their lap around the world by flying from Manila to Los Angeles.

Once in LA, teams had to drive to city hall to get a film permit approved, which was given to them in a manila envelope as they left Manila (Amy’s favorite joke).  Appearing to navigate the complicated LA roadways with ease, the Sweet Scientists made it to city hall just in front of the Soul Surfers while the Wrestlers got seriously lost.  That seriously lost it for them- they were eliminated not too long afterward. Leaving the Sweet Scientists, the Dentists, and The Soul Surfers to battle it out for $1.0 x 10^6.

Approved film license in hand, Amy and Maya motored over to the first Road Block.  In this challenge, Maya trained with a stunt coordinator to properly execute and film a stunt where she jumped through a window made of sugar glass (poetic, RIGHT?!).  After an initial bout of nerves, Maya proved she could hold her own as a stunt woman, and the Sweet Scientists were on their way to the Detour.  Before long, though, they realized that Maya did not remove her stunt gear at the filming site, so they had to backtrack as the Soul Surfers edged into the lead.

The Soul Surfers were just finishing the Detour as the Sweet Scientists and Dentists arrived.  In this challenge, teams had to work with the Coast Guard in a search and rescue exercise. All teams seemed to finish this challenge with relative ease, so it was quickly off to the last Roadblock.

With all teams pretty much neck and neck, the last Roadblock was really really dramatic. The team member that didn’t participate in the stunt Roadblock had to wander around the giant ConGlobal Industries railcar yard and search for nine containers inscribed with cities the teams traveled to during the race.  Each railcar also had a color coded number that had to be remembered.  All nine numbers then had to be recited back to the yard foreman in the order that they visited the countries. After what was apparently several hours, all three teams were ready to take a shot at reciting the number around the same time.  Amy was the only one to get it right on the first try!! This is when I stood up and started screaming- BECAUSE IT WAS OFF TO THE FINAL PIT STOP FOR OUR FAVORITE CANDY GIRLS.   The dentists didn’t finish too far behind the scientists, so it was a little nerve-racking as one wrong turn of the cab could have landed the Sweet Scientists in second place.



As the camera panned Phil and the other teams that had been previously eliminated, a car pulled up and the SWEET SCIENTISTS SPRINTED (as well as they could) TO THE MAT- WINNING THE 25TH SEASON OF THE AMAZING RACE. The Dentists came in second and the Soul Surfers in third. What a sweet victory- congrats ladies!!

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  1. Such an awesome leg to watch. Congrats!! You sure made us food scientists proud!

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