The Amazing Race Recap: Sweet Scientists Make it into the Final Four

By: Kenny McMahon

The five remaining teams in the ninth leg of the race faced pain, fear, and a whole lot of backstabbing.  Following their trip to Malta, the teams were off to Singapore.  With the help from the Cyclists, Amy and Maya were able to book a well-timed flight and land in Singapore ahead of the Surfers and Dentists by 40 minutes.  This would greatly impact the intense finish of the episode.

Once they arrived, the Sweet Scientists took a boat ride to Palu Ubin Island where they had to race to a marked stand, chug coconut water, and then ferry back to decide on whether or not to pursue the Fast Forward. The Fast Forward allows a team to skip ahead to the pitstop on that leg of the race. Not only would this surfing challenge have pushed Amy’s hip to the limit, but there are in fact professional surfers in the race that completed the challenge with ease.



Forgoing the Fast Forward challenge, the Sweet Scientists headed to Marina Bay Sands Hotel instead. At the hotel, the ladies took on a Roadblock and a challenge of tightrope walking.  Maya looked as though her face muscles were getting a better workout from her huge smile than the rest of her body.

The team then rushed off to Center Square Raffles Place where they unknowingly chose a detox “China Cups” massage.  I felt so sorry for Amy and Maya who looked like it was the most pain they had ever experienced, as viewers most likely cringed at the sights of the Sweet Scientists’ reactions, tears, and scarred backs.  I am so glad they have not invented ‘pain-a-vision.’

Following their not-so-relaxing massage, the scientists raced around checking different Merlion sculptures for a clue to the location of the next pitstop.  The scientists met the Wrestlers as both teams were looking for the clue.  Earlier, the smart scientists thought up a strategy that did not pan out as they had devised.  Amy and Maya U-turned the Surfers (who were safe due to the Fast Forward); however, the Wrestlers lied about their agreement to go back to U-turn the Cyclists, who were not so far behind at this point.  AND THEN backstabbing the Sweet Scientists yet again, the Wrestlers lied to Amy and Maya about the location of the pitstop clue.  You know what they say about karma…

I think we all were tensed up during the last four minutes of the show hoping the Sweet Scientists would beat the Cyclists on the ninth leg to the pitstop.  In the end, the Cyclists came in last, were eliminated, and the Sweet Scientists survived to see the final four. This week, Cookies-n-Cream will come out swinging at the Wrestlers as they continue on to leg 10!

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Science Meets Food

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  1. I am so impressed by the vigor, determination and the thoroughly honest approach taken by our favorite two. What a positive representation they make for us- and of course for themselves. Congratulations ladies- I do cringe, but I also smile– and wish you continued success. Amazing for sure.

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