The Amazing Race- Week 5!

By: Kenny McMahon

Last week, the #SweetScientists successfully performed their tasks in Copenhagen and moved onto the next leg toward Marrakech, Morocco.  Their first stop was at the Plaza Jemaa El-Fnaa- the scientists were in awe as they walked through this maze of a market.  They made it to their first task- helping a local vender set up their elaborate food cart- even though Amy almost got whacked in the head by a not-so-watchful team.  The sweet scientists managed to move the heavy cart to the center of the plaza where Amy focused on the bigger picture, pointing and directing the assembly of the puzzle like a true principle investigator.  With some help from the locals, they completed the first hurdle, and Maya took the lead as the scientists made their way to the next obstacle.

No time to swim now, Amy!  (source:

No time to swim now, Amy! (source:

Teams were directed to make their way to the local leather tannery where they had to remove the fur from three animal hides before delivering several bundles of prepared leather by bicycle to a local cobbler.  Upon arriving at the tannery, Amy slipped into a pool full goat hides swimming in an unknown liquid.  Yikes! Maya was unfazed by the odor but it seems #TheDentists need to make it out to the country or at least to a petting zoo to get some culture.  That being said, it may not be a bad thing that ‘smellvisions’ have not taken off yet. After removing the fur from the hides, the competition heated up as every single team reached cobbler #79 at the same exact time.  Almost in last place, the sweet scientists ran to the next challenge.

The #OBG (official band geek) came out in spirit once again as Amy and Maya performed traditional Gnawa music on the street-with one holding a drum beat while the other attempted to twirl a tassel attached to a hat for a full minute. Maya made a great metaphor comparing the difficulty of this challenge to trying to make oil and water mix. Amy shook things up and switched roles with Maya to twirl the hat tassel. The ladies were able to complete the task, demonstrating that with a good amount of energy (and often an emulsifier) oil and water can mix.

Without U-turning anyone, they finished safely.  See everyone on Halloween.  Boo.

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Science Meets Food

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