Emulsions, High Pressure Processing, Empathetic Design, Oh My! Week of Webcasts Free for Students

By: IFT Staff

The week of April 14th, IFT’s Divisions are providing five 90 minute webcasts with particular emphasis on food processing, food safety, product development, and proteins. Each Webcast and onDemand Webcast is free to IFT Student Members who use the promo code “divmember”.

Details and registration for each of the webcasts may be found at the below links:
April 14: Advances in High Pressure Processing

April 15: Emulsions 101

April 16: Health Benefits of Dairy Proteins

April 17: A Systematic Perspective for Improving Food Safety

April 18: Empathy and Experiment


Questions? Send them to divisions@ift.org or contact Katie Paffhouse at 312.604.0218.

Science Meets Food

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