Up for a Friendly IFTSA Competition?

March Madness is in full swing and everyone likes a competition now and then…how ‘bout a friendly IFTSA Area Competition to support IFTSA areas and raise money to support food science scholarships?

That’s right, we’re launching a new an initiative led by Feeding Tomorrow and IFTSA: The Feeding Tomorrow Area Meeting Challenge – a competition where all eight Areas of IFT can help raise money to support the Fun Run!   This summer, the Fun Run will be held on June 23rd at Audobon Park. While we want as many people as possible to participate in person, we know not everyone can always make it to the race.

So here’s the challenge: We want to see which Area can raise the most money for Feeding Tomorrow via the Fun Run and Running Guru. The winning area will receive 10% (up to $500) of the funds they raise in the Area Meeting Challenge. This is your our chance to win big and increase the amount of funds available for scholarships!  Here’s a video about why our efforts to raise money are important: http://bcove.me/1qy7ut07

It’s easy to participate ….

1.       Visit the Feeding Tomorrow Running Guru Page and click “Become a Fundraiser”.

2.       On the subsequent pages, enter your contact information and then select “Join a Team” (step “3” on the Fundraising steps on the right of the webpage). Select the team for your Area from the drop down box.

3.       Start fundraising by sharing with others! There will be options via Running Guru to send friends and family emails, share on social media. Your team will have a unique link so that any donation made through that link goes towards your team!

It’s that simple.  You may have done something like this for other races or events … now it’s available for the Fun Run.

We hope you’ll participate – please email feedingtomorrow@ift.org if you have any questions.

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