Food Science and Business

By Diana Maricruz Pérez Santos

People say that to embark on a successful business venture we must know in depth intricacies involved. . I think that studying food science gives us an edge and brings a world of opportunities to exploit. As Official Food Geeks’ we should never overlook the idea of ​​starting a business.

Perhaps you know the history of a successful OFG who decided to be their own boss; becoming an entrepreneur. The other day I was visiting my hometown, eagerly looking forward to visiting the local bakery to purchase a delicious banana pie. While in line to pay, I remembered my professor of microbiology at the university once mentioned that the owner of this business studied food science with her. At that time it was very difficult to be hired as a woman in the industry, that´s was the reason she decided to start her own business.

Snooping around slightly at the store I noticed that she adapted her house as a small cake production line where the employees wore personal protective equipment. When I saw my pie, I realized that it is perfectly labeled by NOM (The NOM´s are Official Mexican Standard that contain information, requirements, specifications, procedures and methodologies that establish measurable parameters to avoid risks to people, animals and the environment) NOM with nutritional information and expiration date.

With good reason one might lose motivation if you don’t get the opportunity to work on what you want. But you should always fight for what you want. The example of this business captivated me, not only for the excellent banana pie (for which I have to stand in line every time I go) but because the capabilities we have as food geeks and how we can transform something negative into a positive.

No matter your motivation for starting a business in food, the possibilities are endless. Inventing new products or refreshing an old one with new technological tools is a great idea (who says that an app or a one hit wonder on YouTube cannot be business?). All are gold ideas; the goal is to carry them out fruition.

Do you know anyone that has started their own food business?  Do you think you would ever set out to launch a food based business?

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Science Meets Food

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  1. Nice motivational words Diana. With information now at one’s fingertips, being an entrepreneur is relatively easy, the will and the willingness to take risks are needed.

  2. Thanks Jaideep for your comment. Build a business is not easy but no imposible.

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