How you know you’re a food scientist

By: Stephanie Diamond

You’ve been asked if you are a nutritionist…or a dietitian…or a chef:

You have to hold back when someone asks you about the “chemicals” in our food:

Taking your hairnet off after a long day:

You try every sample at the IFT food expo:

Your feelings about technical interview questions:

You’re never embarrassed about using a meat thermometer:

Walking into the plant in the summer:

Seeing how Kjeldahl is spelled:

When you hear others make generalizations about the food industry:

Your friends are jealous when you talk about the food you made in class or at work:

Science Meets Food

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  1. “When you regularly visit the grocery to check the latest products.”

  2. I resemble every single one of those remarks….except for walking into the plant in summer. Working in refrigerated food, you never melt. But you always have a sweater. Or multiple layers. A bit like Boston this winter!

  3. That is fantastic. I can relate to just about every single one of those. Especially being called a chef or being asked about “chemicals” ahh. When I was at IFT I showed some restraint but managed to have an entire meal from just samples. Beware of Tabasco booths serving cake in new Orleans though, so disappointing and kind of gross.

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