IFTSA Plans to Evaluate Geographical Areas- Your Opinion Matters!

Hello Everyone!

This year, IFTSA is evaluating the organization of chapters within our current geographical areas.  As a result, some chapters may be redistributed to different areas beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year.

By redistributing chapters, IFTSA hopes to:

  • Equalize participation in regional competitions (ie College Bowl).  Currently some areas have 4 active chapters while others have as many as 7.
  • Reduce, when possible, the burden of long travel distances for chapters to attend area meetings
  • Diversify representation on the IFTSA Board of Directors
  • Prepare IFTSA for chapter growth, both domestically and internationally
  • Increase student engagement in area meetings

In order to do this successfully, we need your feedback!  Help take part in this very important initiative by filling out this ten question survey:


If you have any additional questions or comments, feel free to contact us directly!

Amy DeJong
2014-15 IFTSA President-Elect

Suzy Hammons
2014-15 VP of IFT Relations

Science Meets Food

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  1. I love the dark green area, not much driving involved.

    You should change the colors so that the two blue area are not touching, those who are color blind may think they would have to drive from Florida to near Canada.

  2. Looking at the proposed regional divisions I can just about guarantee that the Southwest will remain underrepresented. Food science just doesn’t have much drawing power in the Southwest, and most students there are not aware of the related careers.

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