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By: Bethany Richardson


There are a variety of avenues to gain knowledge outside of the classroom, such as with webinars from IFT.  A few months ago I participated in the Office Politics Webcast from IFT, which was very helpful for someone who is looking for a job and will be learning how to navigate the corporate atmosphere.  However, I’d like to introduce you to another online learning experience: Coursera (  A friend recently recommended Coursera to me, which is a company that collaborates with universities worldwide to help offer free short courses in a variety of subjects, including many in food and nutrition. Upcoming courses in the food and nutrition category include public health & the US food system, principles of obesity economics, and the science of gastronomy.  In addition, there are a variety of other courses outside the food concentration that may be helpful, such as personal finance, developing innovative ideas for new companies, and introduction to data science.


Have you ever used Coursera? Or do you have other suggestion for out-of-the-classroom learning experiences?


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