Using Food Science to Combat Food Insecurity

Posted on February 13, 2013 by


Feta 5

By: Melissa Sales
One of the goals of the Food and Fermentation Science Club at Oregon State University is to process foods for the OSU Emergency Food Pantry. The pantry serves not only students in need, but also the Corvallis community, and is open twice a month.  This is a great way for us to use the skills we have learned during our education to benefit our local community.  
This past weekend, students from our club gathered to make feta cheese for the pantry, an event that was made possible by a donation of milk from the Paul and Sandy Arbuthnot Fund.  This was a great opportunity to make a high quality, protein rich product that is always in high demand at food pantries. On Saturday, we pasteurized the milk, added cultures and rennet, separated curds and whey, then packed the curds into molds.  The fermentation was allowed to continue overnight and on Sunday, the cheese was cut and packaged.  We made a total of 75 6.5oz packages of feta! 
In the past, we have made jelly with donations from Kerr Concentrates and plan on making blackberry jam with a donation from the Department of Horticulture in the spring.  This was our first venture into dairy products and definitely plan on doing this again in the future! 
Photo information (all students are Food Science and Technology)
Claire Oslund, Junior; Melissa Sales, Master's Student; Virginia Usher, Senior