The Amazing Race- Week 4 Recap

By: Matt Teegarden

This week our #SweetScientists jetted off to Copenhagen on the fourth leg of The Amazing Race.  After attempting to drive a hybrid car efficiently into town, contenders were faced with a choice: they could either build and deliver a Danish wedding cake by bike or set up a “parklet”- a small oasis built in a parking spot- before the parking attendant kicked them out.

In a move that turned the world on its head, Amy and Maya opted for the challenge that was not related to food, and ended up perfectly replicating a model parklet on the first try! The pair then rushed over to Ida Davidsen, a restaurant that specializes in smørrebrød, which are Danish open face sandwiches. Maya had to take orders from two customers and recite the sandwich menu number and ingredients by memory to Ida herself. Maya seemed to tackle this challenge with ease and celebrated appropriately before rushing off to finish this leg.

Amy EyebrowEdit

At the finishing mat, the #SweetScientists were greeted by gigantic hounds- causing Amy to lift her eyebrow to the sky in surprise.  There was nothing rotten in Denmark for these two, as they finished fourth this round!

Don’t forget to watch The Amazing Race Fridays at 8/7c on CBS!

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Science Meets Food

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