Previously on the Amazing Race…Week 3!

By: Kenny McMahon

Amy Maya CupcakeIf y’all don’t recall, the sweet lassies (aka #SweetScientists) dug deep as they remained smart and patient to contest the other teams for the grand prize of $1,000,000.  After goose-stepping in London, Amy and Maya traveled north by train and ferry to Scotland, specifically, the Shetland Islands, land of peat, sheep, and a puffin.  The scientists made way to Scalloway castle, where a creepy medieval mime and his dog greeted them.  Their next clue was buried under dead remains that directed the ladies to the nearby peat bog.  Maya gave all her strength trying to slice peat using a tusker, a peat spade.  However, Amy gave it a go, and with surprise, her leverage worked to their benefit.  After cutting peat, the scientists then loaded two sacks worth of dried peat and calmly guided their pony, Cupcake, up the hill to retrieve their next clue.

The next task involved herding sheep through an obstacle course and into a pen. The scientists were hoping they had Lassie to help guide their sheep, as the obstacles required great skill and logic. Who knew sheep could jump so high and run so fast?  Successfully, Amy and Maya worked together to contain all their sheep and headed to the pit stop in 2nd place.  Unfortunately some navigation adventures landed them in 5th, but needless to say, they were happy to be finally greeted by the puffin and Mr. Keoghan. Where to next? Tune in to The Amazing Race TONIGHT at 8/7c on CBS to find out!

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Science Meets Food

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  1. Haha. My favorite line in this post

    “..Amy gave it a go, and with surprise [ it worked!]”

    Hmmm… better watch out, Kenny, Amy might need retribution for you doubting her skillz…if she can find you. 🙂

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