The Amazing Race- Week 7!

By: Kenny McMahon

Ciao!  The #SweetScientists, Amy DeJong and Maya Warren, started off relatively well for the seventh episode of the #AmazingRace, after struggling in the previous leg where they finished in second-to-last place. Even though they started last this past Friday, the first challenge was an easy one, booking a flight from Morocco to bello Sicily.  Amy and Maya caught the second flight with three other teams- an effortless way for the #sweetscientists to move from last to tied for third.



Once at their destination, teams were faced with an awesome challenge.  One contestant per team had to race through the mountains of Sicily on a go-cart.  The go-cart was no Ferrari, but it still zipped around the turns on two wheels.  Maya dressed the part of a true race car driver as she suited up in an oversized, retro jumpsuit- “Pretty fly for a food scientist!” Maya had to drive back up the hill after surpassing the qualifying time to advance, but was able to finish with time to spare the second time.

Later, Amy and Maya were cut off by the #collegesweethearts at their chosen detour challenge.  Do not fret, karma played out for those two in this leg!  Forced to take on the second challenge, Amy and Maya collaborated with #TheWrestlers to memorize the costumes of several characters from famous Italian operas.   Grazie!  Collaboration is good, but know when to look out for yourselves.  Amy and Maya turned their answers in before the wrestlers giving them a few minute head start on their way to the pit stop.

The #sweetscientists finished in third place!  Mama Mia!  Their best finish yet.  A dopo!

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Science Meets Food

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