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Have you considered applying for the IFTSA Excellence in Leadership award?

By: Allison Baker

IFTSA offers the Leadership in Excellence award to recognize those student members who have given outstanding service to their Student Chapter. However, application have been low. Come on people! Applying for this award gives you a chance to earn a ‘pat-on-the-back’ for all of your hard work and enthusiasm for food science. Additionally, this award comes with a $1000 cash prize and recognition at the IFT annual meeting in Chicago!

To put this award into perspective, we asked Liz Sharpe, last year’s recipient, to share a few words about herself and the Excellence in Leadership award.

Liz Sharpe“I graduated from UMass Amherst in May of 2014, with degrees in food science and political science. While at UMass, I was president of the food science club during my senior year (and a member during the rest of my time at UMass), and absolutely loved to be involved in the College Bowl and product development teams. I’ve always loved food science, but the food science club at UMass really created a community of people that are similarly passionate, which completely changed my experience at UMass.

The Excellence in Leadership Award, to me, recognizes people that have helped to create that community of people passionate about food science. Because this award recognizes the impact on the student food science community, I am hugely honored to have received it. I gained so much from being a part of IFTSA, and am thrilled that I was able to have even a small impact on other people in the student food science community. Receiving the Undergraduate Excellence in Leadership Award allowed me to attend the 2014 IFT Annual Meeting, something that I otherwise may not have been able to do.”

In a nutshell, you are eligible if….

You are a student (either undergraduate or graduate) that has made noteworthy contributions to the success of your Student Chapter and to IFT and have exhibited strong leadership skills. Don’t be shy! Applying for this award is not bragging. It is a chance to share your enthusiasm for IFTSA and your leadership within IFTSA.

How do you apply?

Applications, along with letters of reference, should be sent no later than March 1. Students should outline their leadership qualities in regards to their Student Chapter, IFTSA, or other areas that demonstrate their commitment to the food science profession. Questions? Email Allison Baker at


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