The Amazing Race: Sweet Scientists are Anything but Plain Vanilla in Manila

By: Kenny McMahon

After last week’s episode where the Wrestlers backstabbed Amy and Maya (#SweetScientists aka Candy Girls), the ladies were out for blood (so the advertisements made it seem).  They’re considered “underdogs,” as Maya put it as she continued to go on to say, “We look like peewees compared to everybody else. Physically we may not be a threat, but academically we’re a strong match.”  Yes y’all are, and probably have the highest IQ out of all the teams.

In this leg of the race, teams were directed to travel from Singapore to Manila in the Philippines. The #SweetScientists booked their flight from a cab en route to the airport.  At the airport, Warren and Dejong confronted the Wrestlers over their disloyalty in last week’s episode.  I call B.S. on the Wrestlers, Brooke and Robbie, as they played the dumb card. They know what they did!

Even though all the teams landed at different times in Manila, their next clue was not available until the following morning, so everyone was neck-and-neck when they hit their first challenge – a Detour that required them to choose between hauling 300 pounds of fish from the ocean, or assembling a sidecar to one of the three-wheeled “tuk-tuks” that dominate the city streets, which our scientists chose.  Read the protocol!  The clue required jumping in a taxi, but Amy and Maya first tried to make it to the body shop on foot.  After doubling back to follow the rules, the #SweetScientists were a good deal behind the other teams.

Amy and Maya arrived at the tuk-tuk building challenge last.  The duo patiently assembled the bike while the Dentists struggled, which helped the ladies make up for their earlier mistake.  After completing their tuk-tuk, Amy and Maya were off to the last challenge.

The last challenge required teams to plow through a rice field to find a clue buried in the muck.  The Sweet Scientists managed to complete the challenge with what seemed like little struggle (not the case for the Wrestlers…karma hurts doesn’t it?).

Toward the end, we were tensed up on the couch as it was a footrace to the Pit Stop.  Amy and Maya were seconds, no wait, steps, away from winning the their first leg.  The wrestlers arrived last, and, of course, to their benefit this was a non-elimination round.  All four teams survived for another week.  It would have been awesome to see the Scientists get their first victory.  Keep playing the smart, underdog card.  May the odds be ever in your favor.

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