The Amazing Race: #SweetScientists Get a Sweet Surprise

By: Kenny McMahon

I think we can all honestly say that we thought Amy and Maya, the #SweetScientists, were going to be eliminated last Friday in the second to last leg of the Amazing Race.  This would have otherwise put them out of contention for the one-million-dollar grand prize.  JUST WAIT for the surprise (if you do not already know).

This leg did not start off well, as our duo and #TheDentists went the opposite direction of Rajah Sulayman Park in Manila, where they needed to go for their next clue.  It was not for about 40 minutes that the two teams would realize they needed to hitch a ride back into the city.  This bought #TheWrestlers and the #SoulSurfers time to gain the lead at their separate challenges and detours.

The #SweetScientists pedaled their way through their Detour- driving a pad yak (bike with a buggy attached) around a local neighborhood in under 17:55.  But of course, something had to happen to Amy.  The sketchy buggy the ladies had to pedal was operated by a single gear and foot break underneath the frame.  As Amy pedaled through her lap, she took a turn too hot, could not turn to avoid a car, and crashed.  That did not help to play down her history of injuries and pains from former episodes.

Throughout the rest of the episode, Amy and Maya continued to battle for a spot in the finals and put pressure on the other teams.  Maya cheered Amy through the Road Block- where Amy had to carry around and deliver multiple rings of coconuts and traditional Filipino brooms to separate locations in hot, humid conditions.  By the end of the deliveries, all teams were hurting on their way to the next Pit Stop.  It looked like Amy really suffered from what seemed to be severe heat stroke, as she and Maya reached the mat in last place.

Phil noticed Amy was not doing well, and the cameras kept rolling as staff tended to Amy to get her back on her feet.  Not only did Amy push herself so hard that it nearly put her in the hospital, it was over for the #SweetScientists.  Great race ladies, you did well.


“The final leg starts now!”  Maya’s face was priceless.  The doctoral duo was sent off to Los Angeles where the final four teams (first time for this many in the final!) will race to the finish, no mercy.  Go hard!  Best of luck #SweetScientists.

Watch the final leg this Friday at 8/7c on CBS!


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  1. Yeah, sweet scientists! What an excellent effort, despite hardships. You go, girls!

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