Songs About Food

By Diana Maricruz Perez Santos

Are there many artists who have taken the small OFG from their interior? Or are there many OFG’s who have taken out their artist inside?…

Music is regarded as the universal language because in it we capture our essence. We use it to express who we are, important things, our environment and time.  It should not be surprising that food is present in this art form. The food in music has inspired us to declare our love, remember, joke, protest and even say something stupid.

Here is a short list of songs about food  ( Ed. note: it is not short) in which I allow myself to conclude the following: carbohydrates are the favorite foods to make allegories (We can sweeten our coffee with Splenda but our cherry lips want real sugar), fruits have more rhythm to dance and definitely tequila is the best partner when we want forget someone.

There are many songs about food. I put here just the songs that I know (with a little help of my friends and web). If you know of any, share them. It would be great to know all songs  about food. No matter the language, help me make this list as large as possible!

Food Song Language Artist Year Genre
Alcoholic drinks Tubthumping English Chumbawamba 1997 Rock
Apple Adam’s apple English Aerosmith 1975 Rock
Apple La manzanita (little apple) Spanish Los tigres del norte Regional
Apples and oranges Apples and oranges English Pink Floy 1967 Rock
Banana pankaces Banana pankaces English Jack Johnson 2005 Pop
Bananas 30,000 Pounds Of Bananas English Harry Chapin 1974 Rock
Bananas Bannana boat song English Harry Belafonte 1956
Bananas Banana co. English Radiohead 1993 Rock
Barbecue La barbacua (The barbecue) Spanish Georgie Dann 1994 Pop
Beef jerky La machaca (beef jerky) Spanish Los recoditos 2009 Regional
Beer La cerveza (The beer) Spanish Gerogie Dann 2013 Pop
Bread El panadero (The baker) Spanish Tin Tan Regional
Cajun food Jambalaya (On the Bayou) English Hank Williams 1952 Country
Cake Birthday cake English Rihanna 2011 Pop
Cake Cake and sodomy English Marilyn Manson 1994 Rock
Candy If All The Raindrops English Various artists Infantile
Candy El mundo de caramelo (The candy world) Spanish Danna Paola 2007 Infantile
Candy Si las gotas de lluvia fueran de caramelo (If All The Raindrops -Spanish version) Spanish Various artists Infantile
Candy Candy shop English 50 Cents 2005 Hip-hop
Candy Candyman English Christina Aguilera 2006 Pop
Candy Candy English LL Cool J 1998 Hip-hop
Candy Candy shop English Madonna 2008 Pop
Candy Candy store rock English Led Zeppeling 1976 Rock
Candy Caramel dance Japanese Hatsune miku 2010 Pop
Cheese Big cheese English Nirvana 1989 Rock
Cherry Cherry lips English Garbage 2002 Rock
Cherry pie Cherry pie English Warrant 1990 Rock
Chicken Mueveme el pollo (Move the chicken) Spanish Alfredo y sus teclados Regional
Chicken The Chicken Instrumental Jaco Pastorious Jazz
Chicken and poptatoes Pollito con papas (Little chicken with potatoes) Spanish La Sonora Dinamita Latin
Chocolate Chocolate English Kylie Minogue 2010 Pop
Chocolate Si tu boquita fuera…(If your little mouth was made of…) Spanish R15 / Various artists 1992 Latin
Chocolate Sabes a chocolate (you taste like chocolate) Spanish Kumbia Kings 2004 Latin
Chocolate Chocolate Spanish Jesse & Joy 2010 Pop
Chocolate El sheriff de chocolate (The sheriff of chocolate) Spanish Bronco 1992 Regional
Chocolate Sabor a chocolate (Chocolate flavor) Spanish Elefante 2002 Rock
Chocolate El rey de chocolate (The king of chocolate) Spanish Cri Cri 1959 Infantile
Chop suey Chop suey English System of a down 2001 Rock
Cinnamon Cinnamon skin Spanish Bobby Capó / Various artists 1952 Latin
Cinnamon La rajita de canela (Cinnamon stick) Spanish Mike Laure Latin
Coca Cola Te vez bien buena (you look very good) Spanish El General 1990 Reggaeton
Coconut El coco rayado (shredded coconut) Spanish Various artists Latin
Coconut water Aguita de coco (coconut water) Spanish Various artists Latin
Coffee Coffee and TV English Blur 1999 Rock
Coffee A cup of coffee English Jack Buchanan and Gertrude Lawrence 1926 Regional
Coffee Mi cafetal (My coffee plantation) Spanish Various artists Pop
Cookies Cookie jar English Gym class heroes 2008 Hip-hop
Cookies Cookie jar English Jack Johnson 2003 Pop
Donuts El corrido del donero (The song about donuts salesman) Spanish Larry Donas 2011 Regional
French fries La papa sin catsup (A french fry without ketchup) Spanish Gloria Trevi 1994 Pop
Honey Honey English Moby 1999 Electronic
Honey Honey, honey English Abba 1974 Pop
Honey Iced honey English Metallica 2011 Rock
Honey Wild honey English Beachboys 1967 Rock
Honey Wild honey English U2 2000 Rock
Honey pie Honey pie English The Beatles 1968 Pop
Honey pie Wild honey pie English The Beatles 1968 Rock
Hot dog Hot dog English LMFAO 2011 Pop
Hot dog Hot dog English Led Zeppeling 1979 Rock
Ice cream Ice cream girl English Sean Kingston 2009 R&B
Ice cream Ice cream man English Van Halen 1978 Rock
Ice cream Nieve de coco (Coconut flavor ice cream) Spanish El Chombo 1999  Reggaeton
Juice Jugo (Juice) Spanish Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas 1997 Rock
Junk food La miselanea (convenience store) Spanish Facundo 2009 Pop
Junk food Cerdo (Pork) Spanish Molotov 1997 Rock
Junk food Viva la gula (Long live to gula) Spanish La onda vaselina 1990 Pop
Junk food Changüich a la chichona (Sandwich for the girl with a …) Spanish Molotov 2003 Rock
Ketchup The ketchup song (asereje) English/Spanish Las ketchup 2002 Pop
Kitchen items Soy una taza (I am a mug) Spanish Grupo Encanto 2008 Infantile
LDL Cholesterol El colesterol (LDL Cholesterol) Spanish Fito Olivares 1988 Latin
Lemon Lemon tree English Fools garden 1995 Pop
Lemon The lemon song English Led Zeppeling 1969 Rock
Lemon and salt Limón y sal (lemon and salt) Spanish Julieta venegas 2006 Pop
Lemonade Lemonade English Alexandra Stan 2011 Electronic
Lollipop Lollipop English Lil Wayne 2008 Hip-hop
Lollipop Lollipop (Param Pam Pam) English Alexandra Stan 2009 Electronic
Lollipop Lollipop English Mika 2007 Pop
Lollipop Lollipop English The Chordettes 1958 Pop
Lollipop Lollipop (Candyman) English Aqua 1997 Pop
Marshmallow El bombon asesino (murderous marshmallow) Spanish Ninel Conde 2004 Latin
Marshmallow Mi  bombon (My marshmallow) Spanish Andres Cabas 2005 Latin
Marshmallows Marshmallows English Captain Hook & Freedom Fighters 2011 Electronic
Marshmallows Marshmallows Korean IU 2011 K-Pop
Mayonnaise Mayonnaise English Smashing Pumpkins 1993 Rock
Mayonnaise Here comes the mayo English/Spanish Molotov 2001 Rock
Mayonnaise Mayonesa (Mayonnaise) Spanish Chocolate 2000 Latin
Meat T-bone English Niel Young 1981 Rock
Mexican food Zacahuil (a kind of tamal) Spanish Ramón Chávez “El Jaranero” Regional
Mexican food La cumbia del mole (Mole’s cumbia) Spanish Lila Downs 2006 Regional
Mexican food Palomo del comalito or La Molienda (Palomo of Comalito or The Milling) Spanish Lila Downs 2011 Regional
Mexican food La Taquiza (Taco’s buffet) Spanish Caló 1992 Latin
Mexican food Lupita´s Taco Shop Spanish Mc Luka 2011 Hip-hop
Mexican food El restaurantito (The little restaurant) Spanish Chico Che 1989 Regional
Mexican food La mesera (The waitress) Spanish Chico Che 1989 Regional
Mexican food Taco placero (leisure getaway taco) Spanish Paquita la del Barrio 2001 Regional
Mexican food La tamalera (Tamales sales woman) Spanish Victimas del doctor cerebro 1993 Rock
Milkshake Milkshake English Kelis 2009 Pop
Onion Glass onion English The Beatles 1968 Pop
Pea Pea English The Red Hot Chilli Peppers 1995 Rock
Peanuts and pistachio nuts Cahuates, pistaches (peanuts, pistachio nuts) Spanish Banda Sinaloense 2009 Regional
Pizza Señorita cara de pizza (Miss pizza face) Spanish La Cuca 1992 Rock
Popcorn Buttered popcorn English The Supremes 1963 Pop
Popcorn Popcorn Instrumental Gershon Kingsley 1969 Electronic
Pork and beans Pork and beans English Wezzer 2008 Rock
Pretzel Pretzel bodilogic English Prince 2014 Pop
Processed food Supermercado (Supermarket) Spanish Mama pulpa 2005 Rock
Raspberry Raspberry swirl English Tori Amos 1998 Pop
Sandwich La torta (Subway sandwich) Spanish Alfredo y sus teclados Regional
Sausage Quieren chorizo (She wants sausage) Spanish El Chombo 1999  Reggaeton
Shrimp Camarón pelao (Shelled shrimp) Spanish Banda el recodo 2005 Regional
Shrimp and candy Camarón, caramelo (Shrimp, candy) Spanish Various artists Regional
Soup Sopa de caracol (Conch soup) Spanish Banda Blanca / Various artists 1991 Latin
Strawberry Strawberry swing English Coldplay 2009 Rock
Strawberry Strawberry Fields Forever English The Beatles 1967 Pop
Strawberry bubblegum Strawberry bubblegum English Justin Timberlake 2013 Pop
Sugar Sugar, sugar English The archies 1969 Pop
Sugar Brown sugar English Rolling Stones 1971 Rock
Sugar Pour some sugar on me English Def Leppard 1988 Rock
Tamarind Pulpa de tamarindo (Tamarind pulp) Spanish Los 3 sudamericanos 1967 Latin
Tangerine Tangerine English Led Zeppeling 1970 Rock
Tequila Tequila Instrumental The Champs 1958 Rock
Tequila Borracho (drunkard) Spanish Genitalica 2005 Rock
Tequila Mezcalito (Little Mezcal) Spanish Lila Downs 2012 Regional
Tequila Clavado en un bar (Stuck in a pub) Spanish Maná 1997 Rock
Tequila and others alcoholic drinks Sex on the beach English Spankers 2010 Electronic
Vegetables Vega-Tables English Beachboys 1967 Rock
Vegetal Vegetal English Radiohead 1993 Rock
Watermelon El negrito sandia (Water melon guy) Spanish Cri Cri 1959 Infantile
Whiskey Ain’t Worth the Whiskey English Cole Swindell 2014 Country
Whiskey American pie English Don McLean 1971 Rock

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  1. Great post, Diana! But it is missing one of my favorite songs: “Ojalá que llueva café”, by Café Tacvba (a mexican pop-rock band). Enjoy it:‎

  2. Thanks a lot for your comments. I will add that song to the list and I hope find all songs at YouTube. Soon, I will share the link for the “songs about food” playlist If you have curiosity to know someone.

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