Wicked Beaver Beer and More From the South Central Area Food Science Clubs

Chapter Activity Highlights from the IFTSA South Central Area
By: Alex Brandt

beerdudeThe fall semester was an active one for the University of Arkansas, Kansas State University, University of Missouri, Oklahoma State University, Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University, and Monterrey Institute of Technology Food Science Clubs of the South Central Area! Below are a few highlights of activities from some of our chapters that happened this past fall!

University of Missouri Food Science Club members participated in the first annual IFT Day of Service by joining forces with the Central and Northeast Missouri Food Bank. Members had a blast by volunteering and giving back on this September day, which, based on nationwide participation this year, proves to be a promising way for IFTSA members to provide service to their communities in the future. For more information about the IFT Day of Service, check out http://www.ift.org/community/students/day-of-service.aspx. Props to University of Missouri Food Science Club members for taking the initiative to participate in the inaugural year of this event!! Go Tigers!

In December, Texas Tech University Food Science Club Members had a potluck meal for their meeting and heard a presentation from one of the founders of Wicked Beaver Brewing Company, a local microbrewery in the Lubbock, TX area. The founders wanted to reach out to the TTU Food Science Club to get their ideas for new brews and to market them in the future as products that have been made with the collaboration of TTU.

Another goal for the future is to establish coursework that students can take in collaboration with the brewery to get product development experience and class credit at the same time. The brewery is also opening its doors to all students so they can come to tour the facilities and learn more about the brewing process!







Photo Credits: http://www.wickedbeaverbrewing.com/students.

Science Meets Food

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